Bakri Cono Boat Building Academy /BCBBA Diploma

Besides its core business of building boats, Bakri Cono Shipyard is dedicated in the transmission of its know-how. Expertise in the business can only be acquired through being in constant contact with specialists in the field and total immersion in a fully equipped environment exclusively focused on its activity. The transmission of knowledge will effectively take place whilst in the heart of the action and in the greatest of respect for the profession.

Bakri Cono Boat Building Academy (BCBBA) provides every determining factor to offer serious training warranting excellence in the profession. Upon successful completion of the course, it is possible to continue working at the shipyard or at any of its associated partners.

Under the supervision of the Production Manager and the assistance of the heads of the various departments within the company, the students have the opportunity to practice on the on-going realizations in the shipyard to complete this course based on European teaching methods.

Ship Builder Course

A shipbuilder constructs repairs and restores powerboats, rowing boats and any other type of vessel in between. They build and install engines, electrical and electronic devices; they fit-out interiors and apply many other marine accessories.

Different types of wood and metal sheeting, as well as more frequently, synthetic resins and fiberglass are the materials mostly used by ship builders today. That is why they are used to working with different materials requiring different techniques. They must know how to saw, polish and carve wood, bend and weld metal, stainless steel or aluminium sheets, as well as mould and vacuum infused synthetic materials. Often they are required to carry out maintenance work and repairs as well as dry-docking.

Ship maintenance technician course

The Ship Maintenance technician works in the shipyards. He is responsible for the repairs and the maintenance of ships and their accessories such as the engines, electric and electronic devices and interior fittings. They are also responsible for the ship transportation, dry dock and ground storage.

Sometimes the technicians are also required to work directly on the water but generally their work takes place on land. Therefore, the vessels must first be taken to the workshop. Their heavy and voluminous load implies a sure and safe handling of such machinery as lifts, cranes, trailers, and forklifts. Assuming that the technicians have passed their sailing and navigation licences, they will also be required to fetch boats at anchor.

Duration of apprenticeship: 3 years

Introduction to Theory and Practical work: Compulsory former experience in a shipyard

Theoretical training: One day a week at Bakri Cono Shipyard

Diploma: "BCSA Diploma" qualification certificate as a "Ship Builder"

Professional courses:

  • Professional general knowledge (types of vessels, marine engines, knots and rigging, usage of shipyard tooling installations, reporting etc.)
  • Specific knowledge (repairs, maintenance, servicing, driving and handling etc.)
  • Knowledge of materials and work techniques
  • Technical drafting

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