A Solar Monster is born

MAY 2014

After more than 3 years of research and development in association with leading European Energy Centers 


IMAGINE 35 SQM of the most performant Solar panels manufactured today on the market producing 

7 kilowatt of clean power to a 2000 Ah battery bank

The cells we are using are so advanced, they even charge by full moon!!! 

A comprehensive and sophisticated computerized system has been developed by our R&D Dept. to manage 24 hours our energy consumption.

While anchored with your H65 in a paradisiacal Island for a few days, you will have no energy problem to use "ALL the time" your 4x300 liter deep freezers, 2 kitchen fridges', 2 beverage fridges', 289  !! Hella Marine LED Lights and when the time is right you will enjoy still plenty clean and silence Energy for your 4 plate induction cooker, 8kg laundry/dryer washing machine, the professional dish washing machine, flushing your 4 individual Deluxe electric toilets without forgetting of course the 96.000 BTU Air Conditioning so appreciated in our tropical weather and why not switch on your Water Maker to add in a few hours 500lts

All of this thanks to solar technology developed by our laboratory; and don't forget to fine tune your all around Yacht Multi-Zone Fusion Entertainment system and at night proud to switch on your 14 underwater lights.

Bakricono is definitely the world leader in "Truly Solar" assisted luxury Yachts   

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