In 2004, the Lamprecht Family moves from South Africa to Thailand in order to start a new ship building business. The brains behind the venture amalgamated the experience they had acquired in Africa and the results of their own R&D with the precious crafty know-how they had come to seek in Asia

Initially, the reputation was built on their production of small leisure yachts. Soon, the word spread about the excellent craftsmanship of their tailor-made commercial vessels and their first “budget” yachts; moderately sized catamarans ideal for day-trips. Today, they are in high demand from the local maritime companies for their truly innovative 65 footers and the very high standard of their value-added services.

Bakri Cono Shipyard is ideally located 8 km South of Pattaya and only 130 km from the new Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi), situated in the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, one of the most well-known marinas in South East Asia.

Members of the technical advisory board:

Philippe M. Guénat, Swiss Chairman of the technical advisory Board

Passionate yachtsman, Philippe spent his childhood on the shores of Lake Geneva and soon learned about the joys of yacht racing as well as navigating on high seas. His vocation as an hotelier and his attraction to tourism have taken him as far as the Orient where he managed various establishments, presided the Hoteliers Commission of Thailand, gave lectures on Business Management and Re-Engineering at the University of Bangkok (Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration). Back in Switzerland, he has been heading a group of hotels. Now Philippe is based in Thailand and brings all his expertise to BakriCono.

As a member of a family involved in a shipyard on Lake Geneva, Philippe quite naturally decided to devote his energy and competence to Bakri Cono Shipyard. Keen on solar technology, he investigates high and low in order to become one of the pioneers of mixed energy marine transportation. Philippe is in charge of International business development and strategic partnerships. Contact Philippe

Raphaël Domjan, Swiss Member of the Board

PlanetSolar's Founder is a man of conviction. At the age of 40, he imagined the project and then did everything in his power to make it happen. PlanetSolar is an extraordinary technological challenge, but it is also a human adventure carrying the convictions of Raphaël Domjan and that of the team he assembled.

Through PlanetSolar and the SolarPlanet foundation of which he is the president, he wants to demonstrate that we have the knowledge, the technology, the resources and enough renewable energies to change and adopt a sustainable approach.

"Tomorrow’s world will reflect todays wisdom" Contact Raphaël

Albert Nazarov, Ukraine ALBATROSS MARINE DESIGN / Naval Architects

Bakri Cono Shipyard and Albert Nazarov have often joined forces to work on different innovative projects. Their similar approach and mutual trust have resulted in the successful launch of their own first boats. Since then, the shipyard works mainly in conjunction with the various famous architect studios ALBATROSS MARINE DESIGN. http://amdesign.co.th/about_us.htlm

Michael López-Alegria, Spanish Amercian Member of the board

Michael Lopez-Alegria has over three decades of experience with the U.S. Navy and NASA in a variety of roles including Naval Aviator, Navy engineering test pilot and program manager, NASA astronaut, ISS commander, and assistant director of flight crew operations. He left NASA in 2012 and is now the President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation in Washington, DC.

Michael Lopez-Alegria holds three NASA records: longest spaceflight (215 days); most number of Extravehicular Activities (EVA) (10) and cumulative EVA time (67 hours 40 minutes). Contact Michael


Bernard Lamprecht, South African CEO and Financial Director

As an experienced professional shipwright, Bernard is also a visionary who is a fast decision maker when it comes to the strategic management of the company. Having grown up in several South African territories, his incredible entrepreneurial strength is rooted deep down in his Afrikaner genes. Lead by his values which are as much about integrity than the preservation of the environment, he has always been a true partner in the family business, running the shipyard in a fair and independent manner. Contact Bernard

Caroline LEIB, Colombian and German

Caroline had Horse Jumping for passion. She obtained numerous awards and recongnitions until the day she made a move towards the hotel industry and specialized in Sales & Marketing and then as Market analysis Manager.

Caroline is our Director of International Marketing and she is fluent in Spanish, German, French and English. She is also holding a ICC Power Yacht Captain License. Contact Caroline

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