Heliotrope 105 Majestic

Certainly, the Heliotrope 105 is a perfect world cruiser with great flexibility and spacious luxury able to accommodate and entertain large gatherings of family, friends and guests.  

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Heliotrope 80 Explorer

Bakricono along with Albatross Marine Design achieved excellence in design, timeless classic lines and a finish that meets the highest requirements on luxury yachts. 

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Heliotrope 70 Open Sky

The New Heliotrope 70 Open Sky powercat offers a unique combination of space, grace and pace.The fly bridge alone provides 52 square meters of entertainment space, which can be open or enclosed and a roof top that can open to the sky.

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Heliotrope 65 Power House

With her contemporary looks, Heliotrope 65 Power House is the quintessence of Albatross Marine Design's philosophy of pairing functionality and safety with elegance.

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Heliotrope 48 Space Grace Pace

Amazing space arrangement featuring the largest flybridge for a boat of its kind in the world. Graced with her elegant Latin design and thanks to her high speed displacement hull granting a vigorous pace.

The Heliotrope 48 Space Grace Pace is a power packed family cruiser that will surprise you in every corner. 

A full featured power catamaran that makes for a perfect weekender or open water cruiser. Designed with funtionality, safety and comfort in mind you'll have a yacht that is fully current with the latest technologies available on the market, surpassing her rivals by several years innovation and technology. 

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Heliotrope 48 Day Charter

Heliotrope 48 Day Charter 55 pax - has been specially designed for “Day Outing” trips accommodating medium to large groups and leave ample space for all guests to sit, sunbathe, or move around in comfort and safety.

Alongside the superior performance, open space and elegant-tasteful finish, every model is a statement of our artistry, featuring a sweeping, contemporary feel, yet keeping in mind the Charter requirements. 

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Tiger 20

The Tiger 20 is a ground breaking 20ft sports day boat, uniquely designed and more stylish than any other boat in its class. 

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Shark 20

The SHARK 20 is available as a Center Console, Bow Rider and Sedan with recommended engine size of 60 Hp for the hobbyist up to 150 Hp for the Thrill seeker.  

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Waka 80

A new 25m (80ft) sailing catamaran project called Waka 80 is taking shape. 

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Heliotrope Sail 78

This innovative concept of a 23.9m catamaran has been developed by Thailand-based Albatross Marine Design for custom boat builder Bakricono Shipyard. The boat combines the advantages of a performance ocean cruising catamaran with superb live aboard facilities, and is actually a ‘super yacht’ in terms of space but formally within easy certification small craft range below 24m.

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Heliotrope Sail 60 Long Ranger

The HS 60 offers the perfect mix between an ocean going performance cruiser and a comfortable high-end living environment. 

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MTV 35 & MTV 55

MTV Multi Purpose-Transportation Vessel

Bakricono’s MTV has a unique commercial approach for your boat requirements, using a modular system in reply to today’s fast changing business requirements, the MTV can conveniently be converted from a Passenger ferry to a dive boat, ambulance boat, house boat or even a conference boat.

Their incredible stability and performance allows for a considerable amount of different commercial naval uses.

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XPolare 820E

The XP820 mono-hull is designed for the North Seas exploration ideal for sporty fishing trips.  Read more ...  

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Rescue 38

The RESCUE 38 is the most versatile boat in our line-up. The asymmetric hull design allows for fast planning and EXCELLENT Sea handling, Stability, Safety and Comfort even in rough swells. Read more .... 

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